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Natey Nartey was born 1982 in Monrovia, Liberia and lives and works in New York . He is an industrial designer  with experience in the apparel industry , product  and graphic design . Whether he is designing graphics for a licensing presentation or creating a new footwear design , Natey’s approach to design is intuitive , thoughtful and vivid. I see design as a bridge to combine technology and nature in harmony . This philosophy guides my thinking and powers my execution. I am dedicated to creating products that promote culture and engage our human sensibilities .

Fascinated by both 2D and 3D design at an early age, Natey set out on a journey to connect the two worlds.  This journey lead him to study Fine Art and Graphic Design in high school at The University of The Arts, then ultimately Industrial Design at Pratt Institute.


Since receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design in 2005, Natey has worked on a diverse range of projects, consulting for brands such as Monster Cable, YRB, Coogi, Barneys CO-OP, Triple 5 Soul and Citi Trends, to name a few. In addition, Natey has worked with celebrities  Kevin Liles , Grammy nominated artist Estelle and Angela Simmons, and has seen his work featured on Trey Songz, Fabolous, Wyclef and Raekwon on a list that continues to grow.


Industrial Design , Product

I have a background in Industrial Design for product development and I am well versed in concept development for products.


Web Design , Visual Assets

I have an extensive amount of experience in digital from creating visual assets to designing complete websites.


Apparel , Prints , Accessories

I have designed in  fashion for the contemporary and streetwear markets.